Projections of Films Related to the Life and Work of Alan Turing

The projections are part of the Science Film Club @ IFI under the auspices of the Department of Informatics (IFI) - University of Oslo (UiO).

This scientific film event is with educational purposes and hence part of the Alan Turing Year international celebration of the genius of Alan Turing. The aim of these projections is to raise awareness among students (from informatics, mathematics, etc.) about the life and work of Alan Turing who shaped our current society through his genial insights into the nowadays computers and artificial intelligence. UiO employers as well as students or other Alan Turing fans are welcome to attend. The projections are free of charge and take place in the Ole-Johan Dahl building of the Department of Informatics.

The projections take place in the IFI Library. We move if there are too many people in the Simula auditorium.

The hour is 17:00 (when the normal library hours end). After the film, some of us go down to Escape for a beer and friendly discussions.

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  Date Film Title
  20 - April - 2012 Breaking the Code (75min)
  27 - April - 2012 NOVA: Decoding Nazi Secrets - part1 (60min)
  4 - May - 2012 NOVA: Decoding Nazi Secrets - part2 (60min)
  11 - May - 2012 The Strange Life and Death of Dr Turing (50min)
  18 - May - 2012 Enigma Secret - part1 (79min)
  25 - May - 2012 Enigma Secret - part2 (79min)
  1 - June - 2012 The Secret Life of Chaos (59min)
  8 - June - 2012 Enigma (119min)
  15 - June - 2012 Breaking the Code (75min) again

Please send us suggestions about movies related to Alan Turing. Any information, like place where to buy the movies from, descriptions, reviews, trailers, etc., can be useful. Corrections and suggestions about this website are welcomed. Contact: Cristian Prisacariu | cristi - at - ifi.uio.no |

The projections have started! We had to move to a larger room. The very nice film "Breaking the Code" attracted good conversations afterwards, at a beer in the Escape pub.
The IFI technical personel promised we will have a good VHS player for our opening film.
The New Oslo Informatics building
The New Oslo Informatics building; where, most probably, the film projections will be held.

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